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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
I'm married, and I'm a mommy! (Yes, in that order)

I live in a Philly suburb with my awesome, wonderful, fantastic (and other adjectives) husband, Dan, and our beautiful daughter, Veronica. I am a stay at home mom, and it's the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had.

You may as well know that I am a GIGANTIC (capitalized, even!) geek, and am not particularly ashamed of that. I read comics and manga, play video games, watch anime, quote Aliens and Terminator in polite company and worst of all, I actually play Dungeons and Dragons. Basically, I am the girlfriend dreamed about by 7th graders the world over. Minus the whole "mom approaching 30" part.

I do not, however, read Harry Potter or play World of Warcraft. I'm way too cool for that.

Being a new mom takes its toll both physically and mentally. As a result, I've recently rediscovered yoga as a means of keeping myself up to specs. I enjoy it so much that I'm dangerously close to becoming one of those Yoga People. The ones who try and throw casual mentions of yoga into conversations that have nothing to do with yoga. Like how yoga can improve your dog walking experience. Or how yoga can improve your ability to do yoga. Also... yoga.

I have an uncanny ability to remember nearly every bit of minutiae I've ever heard or read. While that may not be particularly practical in everyday life, I'd totally kick ass at Cash Cab. Just sayin'.

I am a huge fan of classic and modern rock, my Nintendo DS, Philly soft pretzels, Mummers String Bands, my Kohl's credit card and The Preston & Steve Show. I can also cook like a mofo! I dig cute things, geeky things and anything green. I think Miller Lite tastes fine, and that $12 Belgian crap you're trying to give me tastes like that time I fell face down on the soccer field after it rained.

We recently bought our first home in the bustling metropolis (HA!) of Royersford, PA, so when we're not out and about, we're probably at home enjoying the house, or entertaining friends.
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